There are uncountable ice-cream shops in Seville but there are not always comparable. MUS brings you the most refreshing guide of artisanal and delicious ice-creams—a total must for summer holidays in the city but also for the rest of the year.

La Fiorentina

More than an ice-cream shop, La Fiorentina is a laboratory of amazing and exquisite ice-creams. The responsible of the most avant-garde shop in Seville is Joaquin Lira, thanks to his will to divulge the Andalusian culture through his creations. Don’t miss the surprising and elegant Orange blossom flavour!

Calle Zaragoza, 16, 41001 Sevilla, España



A Spartan and recognizable aesthetic in blue and White makes Bolas easy to spot. Home-made and natural ice-creams, with also vegan and gluten-free options.

There are two shops but we recommend the one in La Cuesta del Rosario for its unbeatable location. It will be difficult to pass by and not be seduced by despite the long queue. Take the time to choose the perfect combination!

Cuesta del Rosario, 1, 41004 Sevilla, España

Calle Puerta de la Carne, 3, 41004 Sevilla, España



This is not only a neighborhood favourite but attracts people from all over the town thanks to their delicious creations without any additions or artificial flavors since 1972.

The aesthetic and its influence from Alicante —famous for its nougats— makes Verdu an emblematic ice-cream shop in Triana. We recommend you the nougat ice cream and the Horchata —a refreshing sweet vegetable drink.

Calle Esperanza de Triana, 3, 41010 Sevilla, España



Super smooth and creamy ice creams, perfect for sweet teeth. Located just near to the ‘Setas’ it can be the perfect excuse before enjoying the breathtaking views from Metrosol Parasol.

Calle Almte. Apodaca, 1, 41003 Sevilla, España


Enjoy it!