Best shopping stores in the city.

The best shopping enclaves are mainly found in the city centre. MUS explores six of the most interesting stores in Seville. Perfect places to find an original souvenir to take back home, give as a present, or enjoy privately.

Wedding accessories, bags, handmade jewellery and the beaming owner, Penélope, will welcome you in Le Voilà. The shop is housed in a beautiful old palace adorned with 19th-century frescoes. In the unlikely case you don’t find what you are looking for, you still have many other alternatives nearby, in the so-called Soho Benita a group of independently-owned shops, restaurants, and galleries, gathered in a cooperative to promote “shopping and culture” in the area.


Le Voilà


Soho Benita

The concept store Wabi Sabi, located in the city’s historical center, has been curated with great attention and love. Here, well-presented vintage clothes, specialized books, furniture, artworks and even book presentations or live music, go hand in hand. The term in Japanese makes reference to the beauty of imperfection; this is precisely what the owner managed to reflect in his inspiring and striking space.


Wabi Sabi. Photo by Rafael Arbide


Wabi Sabi. Photo by Rafael Arbide

Wabi Sabi. Photo by Rafael Arbide

Wabi Sabi. Photo by Rafael Arbide

If you prefer a paper souvenir, then you have to visit Un gato en bicicleta. This specialised art book store with a quirky atmosphere is the perfect bolthole for book lovers. In addition to books, Un gato en bicleta successfully turned into a window for Sevillian designers, as well as a cultural centre in its own right, organising theatre representations, workshops, and recitals. Inside the shop, you will find countless references to the city’s inward-looking reputation, which are here revisited in a witty manner.


Un gato en bicicleta

Numerous Andalusian craft and design ateliers, which weathered the recent financial crisis and made a name for themselves, are to be found in the rapidly gentrifying  and vibrant San Luis street. Janmei fits perfectly into the artsy neighbourhood, offering meticulously crafted porcelain, wood, and homeware products. Ask for the paper boxes of Tuki & co, an ingenious and beautiful little souvenir, perfect for those travelling with limited luggage space. In the same street, don’t miss Rompemoldes —loosely meaning groundbreaking— a group of workshops offering jewellery, textiles, pottery, art, design, ceramics and sculptures.


Janmei Storefront



If Sevillians are good at something, it’s at preserving traditions. Since 1910 Tortas Inés Rosales have sweetened mornings and afternoons in Spain from its factory in Castilleja de la Cuesta, using extra virgin olive oil and natural products. The most emblematic product, the Olive Oil Torta reflects the mix of cultures which shaped the identity of our region. In Seville you can find it in every supermarket, but we recommend you to go straight to the source and visit Tortas Inés Rosales’ shop in San Francisco Square. For the adventurous cooks, check the appealing proposals from the brand.


Ines Rosales

Finally, Botellas y Latas, is an unmissable delicatessen shop. Its austere decoration only enhances the quality of their products and its treasured focus on customers. Discover a wide array of organic wines, legumes, olive oil and sweets. Don’t leave the shop without a bottle of orange wine. If you don’t know what we are talking about, visit El Peregil  to first a try a glass of this flavoursome wine before rushing back again to Botellas y Latas.

The details:

Le Voilà: Calle Pérez Galdós, 4, 41004

WabiSabi: Calle Francos, 9, 41004

Un gato en bicicleta: Calle Regina, 8, 41003

Janmei: Calle San Luis, 56, 41003

Calle Aguilas 8, 41004

Inés Rosales: Pl. de S. Francisco, 15, 41004

Botellas y Latas: Calle Regina, 15, 41003