Haciendo honor a su nombre, Alejandra Flores se ha propuesto florecer la moda sevillana con sus alegres tocados, diademas y cinturones bajo su marca PRUNE. Esta embajadora de la primavera en Instagram, tiene tiempo además para enseñar lo mejor de Andalucía a través de SurSideStory.

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How did you come up with the idea of Prune?

The idea of making handmade flower-pieces came from my adventure in Argentina. I was living in Buenos Aires for approximately 2 years and my closest friends wore this type of flower headdresses all the time, to go for a coffee or hang out at night, and I just loved it.

Back in Seville, with the excuse that my brother was a DJ and organiser of very popular electronic parties in the city, I began making these flower-pieces to wear them as a “fun costume”. People liked them. I first saw an opportunity to produce them for weddings taking place in the city as well as for the Feria of Seville, but eventually I thought why not launch a line for everyday use and multitude of occasions.

Thus, PRUNE was created to make every day a little more colourful!

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What’s the role of Seville in your designs?

Well, nowadays it isn’t difficult to wear these headdresses in Seville, generally on special occasions like parties or weddings. It is still more challenging to wear them on a normal day. Obviously I had to adapt my designs to the local market, which is quite different from the Argentinian market. In Argentina, people like them even more colourful and of larger size, while in Seville most customers prefer more discrete models, although there are more and more girls daring to wear something bold on their heads.

What kind of profile do you reach? 

Prune has mainly a young customer base (20-35 years), mostly female of course, hip and avid Instagram followers, as well as fashion bloggers. Among the very young ones, Prune designs have been very in demand for first communions and weddings.

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Where can we find Prune in Seville? 

I primarily sell online. In addition I usually run a stand on alternative markets, usually Sundays, during springtime, since this is the peak season of the year for weddings and other events.

Besides Prune, you are also immersed in a new project, SurSideStory, as a founder. Tell us more about it.

SurSideStory is a website that helps you travel around Andalusia through the eyes of a local. A showcase where you can find 350 unique, authentic and original experiences offered by “Andfitriones”– that is how we call our local hosts. They want to share their passion with travellers worldwide, show our Andalusian folklore, and take visitors to the most magical and unexplored places, far away from typical tourist destinations.

SurSideStory is a community for locals and travellers alike, who are looking to live the Andalusian lifestyle in the most authentic way.

Let me give some examples of previous SurSideStory events:  from traditional cooking workshops and visits to food markets, painting classes, ceramic lessons, photography tours, as well as cultural itineraries and organised hiking trails. We also have activities like visiting wineries or embarking on a discovery route of the Iberian ham.

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How much did the crisis affect the tourism sector? What are the major challenges of SurSideStory? 

We really have taken advantage of the recent years data related to the tourism sector that showed us for example that in 2015 the sector reached more than 24 million tourists in Andalusia. Certain milestones such as the emergence of the tourist 3.0, the fact people use the Internet to book their vacation, the social media where people share pictures, discuss or recommend everything have a crucial role for us. We’re in what we can call “the traveller era” which is no longer defined by passive tourists, but by active travellers who demand more intense experiences and increase their average stay in a place.

This has encouraged the emergence of a business model like collaborative economy. According to data, in 2015 more than 45 million euros were invested in platforms like: Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Wallapop, etc. All these facts and data have shaped our model.

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How is Andalucia perceived abroad? Based on SurSideStory’s experience, what do tourists appreciate most about Andalucia?

Undoubtedly, foreigners love Andalusia, especially those from Germany and the UK. From our experience, what travellers enjoy most is the feeling of discovering the city as a local, and not limit themselves to the habitual tourist activities.

After living in different places, why did you decide to settle in Seville?

Well, because I think Seville is the best city to live in. The quality of life, the people, the weather, and the many opportunities to develop projects and ideas: I think it’s great! There is so much of everything; however the city is still little explored. That’s why I believe we need young and eager people to shed light on Seville.

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What’s your favourite spot to hang out?

It depends with whom I am and what the mood is, but I can tell you that my ideal Saturday in Seville involves some outdoor activities with my dog and going for drinks at the food market in Calle Feria. Also eating out and having a glass of wine in the Alameda neighbourhood or near the river is highly recommended!

Tell us a place you have discovered recently 

The newly opened restaurant Torres and García (Harinas Street 2) is 100% recommended. Don’t miss out on the octopus and the chestnut cake with mascarpone and walnut merengue, just delicious!