Jamón, olive oil, garlic, olives, bread and spices. We are drooling already but we understand that our non-Spanish reader needs a break from the national cuisine —and yes, there is life beyond tapas. In the last few years Seville has developed an interesting international cuisine offer that sates even the most picky appetites.

If you definitely need to erase any Spanish reminiscence, without relinquishing the avant-garde when it comes to Japanese food, then Nikkei is your spot. The term Nikkei is used to define emigrants originally coming from Japan as well as to refer to the cooking style developed by the Japanese minority living in  Peru. The place works well both for a low key first date as well as for a fun dinner among friends. Ceviche is absolutely unmissable, whatever the occasion. Don’t forget you are in one of the most popular spots in the hip Alameda district, so don’t risk it and book a table.

Nikkei 01


No matter where you are from, that the taste of a reliable good burger is universal. Under the motto ‘Serious burger, not series production’, Burguett offers original and fresh burgers and sandwiches. Tailored to the non-purists burger fans among you, one special burger is suggested daily.  Lacking an outdoor area, Burguett  is easy to find yet difficult to reach when other sun-kissed terraces tempt you on your way. Be strong, it’s worth it.

Burguett 01


No-lugar the art company is one of those places where you immediately feel reconciled with life thanks to its warm and convivial decoration. It’s an ideal  spot for an unfussy and satisfying dinner. The big tables are a perfect excuse to gather a big group of friends. The cuisine could be described as a patchwork of different countries and styles. We don’t care if they understand themselves as tapas bar name themselves as tapas bar, it has hardly anything to do with it.

International cuisine Seville

No-lugar Art Company

international cuisine Seville

No Lugar the Art Company

We couldn’t end without including an Italian spot. For those who prefer to stay at home and make your own meal, Piaceri Italiani offers a variety of wines, cheeses and pasta fresca that make this place the meeting point for Italian food lovers and nostalgic Italians living in Seville.