Five minutes are enough to understand that any attempt to control the situation with Christian in the same room is useless. Knowing many places around the world, he enjoys Seville the most and knows its surroundings the best.  With a good dose of passion and allure he explains us how this structural engineer decided one day to set up a company with friends to share this unique place with other travellers. His enthusiasm is contagious.

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How did you come up with the idea of Outdoor Sevilla?

While working as an orientation guide for American students, I realized they were mostly offered to just party and go out while traveling instead of joining outdoorsy kind of activities and travel in a much healthier and active way.

Outdoor Sevilla was created by outdoor and nature enthusiasts from Andalusia with the idea of sharing her beauty with travellers from all around the world both within the city limits as well as outside them. We—Javi, Alejandro and myself— are experts in summiting peaks, exploring mountainsides, canyoneering among other activities all while providing a fun and safe atmosphere. At Outdoor Sevilla, the fun doesn’t just stop exploring the great outdoors of Andalusia but rather it often continues, with those whom are interested, in scoping out local venues and town squares throughout Seville!

What sort of people do you reach?

Most of them are international students abroad in Seville. They come for a semester and they are willing to explore not just Seville but its beautiful surroundings. We also have a decent amount of international tourists who come to Seville for a few days and want to do something active in addition to the monument visits and other typical activities.

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What’s the role of Seville in your project? / How does Seville influence your project?

Well, I would say that Seville is our base camp. Where everything starts and ends. We just left the city enough time to start missing it. Home sweet home.

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According to your experience how foreigners perceive the city?

I think Seville is a city that exceeds the visitor’s expectations. They get amazed by its streets, its food and over all, its people.

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How difficult is to be an entrepreneur in Seville?

Very much, indeed! But I don’t want to get into politics…

As intrepid traveller, which changes have you seen the city experienced in the last years?

I believe Seville is now living its modernization. As a very traditional place that has maintained its rules and shapes for centuries, now you can feel how the old and the new world merge and the flat skyline starts to change.

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Tell us a place to lose yourself

Maria Luisa’s park on a sunny day, just my favourite!

And a place you have recently discovered?

A restaurant called El ConTenedor, located in San Luis St.

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For a 48 h visitor, which sport would you recommend to do?

Run along the Guadalquivir river is a must for any active visitor!