The Dj and producer Enzo Leep or Alvaro Lamet lives in Seville – certainly not the city more welcoming to fans of electronic music. In a world in which everyone wants to be Barcelona brand, Enzo Leep has no complex to claim (and criticize) his beloved city of origin.

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When do you decide to become a music producer?

It was something progressive; when I started studying Communication, I started to go out more often and listen to electronic music. I traveled to festivals around Europe and I became interested in music to the point that I decided to leave university and study Music Production at Microfusa school in Madrid.

How would define the music from Rewire Musik?

Rewire is the record label that I have together with Medu —great artist and example for me. Sort music for styles is not easy, but we have opted for a very defined approach: we are a record label that releases in vinyl and digital, focused on dance, underground and sexy electronic music, always preserving the techno and minimal.

Who has influenced your music? how is your music evolving?

In six years, many artists have influenced me, but I would mentioned those who I had closer, Fernando Sanz—aka Orbe— is key in this process. He helped me to understand how I wanted to evolve. The same with César Martínez, the producer that gave me my first opportunity. That was my time in Madrid, then I moved to Barcelona to continue studying music production and where I met my friend and partner today, Medu.

I recall a very crucial day for me, I was in Fabrik Madrid and I was bored listening to the ‘boss’ of the party Richie Hawtin, so I decided then to go to another room and there it changed the idea of the music I wanted to do. TINI b2b Enzo Siragusa was playing, and after them Premiesku. Their style was exactly what I was looking for, and I am still working on it.

I just discovered and sign up with The Groove Era from Barcelona. I love their style and music!

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Where would you like to play?

It’s not an easy question, because I don’t know many places yet, and sometimes when you know them they are not what you expected. I’d love to play in Watergate in Berlin, everything I listened to and saw about it I love it! If we talk about festivals, Sonar or Primavera Sound would be dreams come true for me. Moreover, for a while now, I am very excited about playing one day in Territorios, the festival in Seville that I like the most and where I always go.

What’s the most difficult part of your job in a city like Seville?

To start with, the airport. I don’t understand how a city like Seville doesn’t improve its connections. Travelling is very expensive and you don’t have many options. In addition, I am awaiting investment intended for the young talent like Barcelona or Malaga. Here —and I know it doesn’t happen only in Seville—there is a sort of shared monopoly, where only few control the cultural programme, making very difficult to see new proposals and weakening the electronic offer in the city. Of course, it’s just my opinion.

Can we talk about a electronic music scene in Seville?

I wouldn’t say so. There are some legendary places like Kfk that has a loyal clientele, but there is not much more. If we talk about Andalusia, then it’s different. Granada always had a techno scene and particularly now with the reopening of the Sala Copera. Also in Malaga, there is an emerging electronic scene and you can see constantly international artists playing in festivals and clubs.

Where will you be in the upcoming months?

I’ll be in Padua, Italy in April, in the Offsonar in Barcelona in June, and in the SuperBeach Strogino festival in Moscow the 15-17th of July. We are currently working on new international events that I hope I can confirm soon.

Where do you recommend to go out for dancing in Seville?

Sala Cosmos is my favourite. Great artists went there last year like Eduardo de la Calle or Fabio Florido to give you some examples. Also, the aforementioned Kfk, where you can always listen to a good music in a fun atmosphere. In addition, the concerts organised by Nocturama or Territorios in the old monastery —today current contemporary art museum— are must-attend events for me.

Tell us a place that you have recently discovered in Seville.

I just went to a food festival called Sevilla Food Fest, really surprising! Besides the food, other activities like a fashion showroom, wine tasting and live concerts take place. Incredible the performance of Little Boy Quique, a bluesman from Seville, highly recommended! The festival is organised once every one and half month, so I will repeat!

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What would you like to change about Seville?

The statues of Pope John Paul II, María de la Mercedes Borbón and the Duchess of Alba. They are horrible!