Today we present a honed list of the most genuine bars of Seville. Legendary places which idiosyncrasy and singularity make them unique.  They might not serve the best meal you will have in the city, but you simply can’t miss them out (for different reasons).

Obviously the legendary El Rinconcillo had to be here. Since 1670 has become a place for social gatherings, conversations and brief encounters, a curious and charming place to visit. It boasts about being the oldest bar in town and there must be a good reason why. We suspect this reason is its tapa of Spinach with chickpeas.

Rinconcillo 03

Rinconcillo 01

El Rinconcillo

In the heart of the famous neighbourhood Triana, you will find Sol y Sombra, a place equally recognised for its tapas as for its decoration. No matter where you stand, you will be surrounded by Andalusia traditional decoration with the ‘toro’ as the main character. Dried and cured meat like the jamón ibérico are our recommendations, but that’s not all. Everything is good here.

sol y sombra 03

Sol y Sombra

With views to the Cathedral and the Giralda, the famous Mateos Gagos street offers an unexpected low-key interlude. We are talking about El Peregil. This tiny spot has a special charming difficult to describe, so please just pass by, grab an orange wine as aperitivo and stand outside looking at the street before continuing your way to barrio Santa Cruz. Just one catch: try to avoid the loo. Few steps away, Bodega Las Columnas, is another must in your tour.

Peregil 01

Taberna Peregil

Also in the same street but a little way further up, you can find a bar with a refreshing beer worthy of the name of the place La Fresquita and that contrasts with the peculiar smell of incense and the variety of religious images. If you get dizzy, go outside where they have some tables, but before let yourself be advised with the dishes of the day.

La Fresquita 00

La Fresquita

In the heart of the city centre, Casa Moreno is our favourite place to surprise our friends who visit Seville. Disguised as grocer’s shop, this spot has also a bar at the end, where you can enjoy an atypical ambiance while trying high quality canned food, montaditos or small sandwiches, cheese and cured meats. After 2 pm is almost impossible to find a spot so try to follow the international meal times.

Casa Moreno 02

Casa Moreno

The astonishing thing about the next bar of the list is that you probably won’t put a foot on it. Everything is happening outside where they have few high tables for sharing. We are in the Antigua Bodeguita but I bet just few people out of the crowd know the real name of the bar popularly called El Salvador, name of the church just opposite that we also recommend you to visit. This place is the meeting point par excellence in Seville among locals. Run by efficient waiters, you will get to the bar sooner that you can imagine despite its long queue.

Salvador 01

El Salvador

The icing of the cake of this selection is the controversial bar El Garlochi. The opinions are divided equally between irreverent and legendary. This bar doesn’t serve food, and it opens around 9.00 pm but it is not until 1 am when it gets packed. Kirsch decoration and surreal atmosphere welcome you in this place. You won’t be disappointed if we tell you have never been in a place like this. Traditional cocktails and the popular “sangre de cristo” is served in this place.  We warn you, this place may offend your sensibilities…